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BonnerWe have been with Shaklee since 2014, but we really didn't grasp the full potential of this company until mid-2015.
Before Shaklee, we tried to save our family of 7 money by using the "extreme coupon" method. But by saving money through couponing, we didn't necessarily get healthy foods and non-toxic cleaning products.  After all our coupon saving products depleted, we started changing brands with the Shaklee Get Cleans products. We have seen the difference in changing brands on things we use everyday.  This has saved us money, but also we have safe, green and natural cleaning products in our home.
Another part of our journey concerns our fourth child. He has had a history of respiratory issues (mainly asthma). In late-2014, his breathing worsen so much that he was hospitalized in the ICU for eight days. Upon discharge with prescription for steroids, preventative and rescue medications, we knew that we needed to research for natural ways to boost his immune system and the right nutrition for help his body recover and help heal itself.  Turning to Shaklee nutrition supplements, he has been symptom free. 
Our passion is to share with our children that taking care of our body, we and they don't have to be today's "norm". Meaning....dealing with obesity, cancer, dieting, heart problems, diabetes, etc.  
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