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When you securely order online from this website you will be billed directly by the Shaklee Corporation and your products will be shipped by Shaklee right to your door.

Here are a few ideas on how to save money and find the Shaklee products you want to order!

Become a Shaklee Member Today and Save at least 15-25% Forever! 
Joining Shaklee as a Member is like joining Costco or Sam's Club in that it allows you to buy Shaklee products at wholesale prices. You can order Shaklee online here and not become a member, but as a Shaklee member you'll save at least 15% on all Shaklee products. Plus you are eligible for other member discounts as well. 

Unlike Costco, Sam's Club or other wholesale buying clubs, you only have to buy a Shaklee membership ONCE and not every year! To join as a member place the products you want in the Shopping Cart, click Checkout, then click the Become a Member button. Scroll down the Member options page and choose Join as a Member for $19.95. 

Tips for Saving on Shipping 
Shipping charges on Shaklee products are charged by weight with orders up to two pounds costing $8.49 and orders up to ten pounds costing just $8.99. So consider stocking up by ordering more then one item to save on shipping. Often shipping will be the same whether you order one bottle of vitamins or several! If ordering Get Clean household cleaning products the larger sizes are cheaper overall to help save on shipping.

As a Shaklee member you can also elect to place products on AutoShip to be delivered right to your door on an interval set by you. And you'll save an additional 10% on certain top selling Shaklee products like Vitalizer, Vivix, Nutriferon, Cholesterol Reduction Complex that you place on autoship. So Autoship savings on select products could more then pay for your shipping as well.


1. Click on the "Shop" tab at the top of this page.

2. To see all products in a particular category click the See All Link at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on the Product Name link to learn more about the product or just add the quantity you want and click Add to Cart.

4. To order products from several categories just choose from the product categories on the left hand navigation bar after placing each item in the cart. To order more than one item of the same product click on Add to Cart for as many items of the product you want.

5. When you're ready to Checkout just click on View Your Cart and then click Checkout. During checkout you can choose Sign Up Now to become a member and automatically save 15% on your order and future orders or choose Checkout as a Guest.

Either way you'll be directed to enter your name, address and payment method to complete your order. An order confirmation invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours of you placing your order. You should then receive your order via FedEx or USPS within five business days.

You can also view the 2016 Shaklee Catalog online and order products right from the catalog page by clicking here..http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/shaklee/2016productguide1/index.php?startid=Cover2&lre=1:vonniebonner&lnkparams=%26CMP%3DRAC-IZ7434764357&WidgetId=null&BookId=9cfb0c862502e0f13fddf9cdbccc3d89#/0


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Canadian visitors: please contact Shaklee Canada at 1-800-263-6674 and give the Shaklee Canada operator our Shaklee ID# ZF46153 as your sponsor to be able to sign up and order products in Canada.

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